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How to mix wedding tradition with modern wedding trends

What is tradition?

Everyone knows the traditional poem "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". How do you, as a modern bride blend this into your modern wedding?

Eco wedding: If you are looking to have an eco wedding then every detail will be important to you. You will be looking into food and food waste, how far your guests travel, recycling and reducing the use of plastic.

Here are some ways that you can keep with tradition and also look after the environment.

Something Old: fits perfect with eco weddings. From old shoes or dress to used furniture to dress the venue.

Something New: From flowers that you are going to compost after or lingerie that will wow on your wedding night but is made using sustainable materials.

Something borrowed: Borrow some money from your bridesmaids and pop it in your shoe or use your dads handkerchief during the ceremony

Something Blue: how about using blue flowers in your bouquet or writing just married in blue on the bottom of your shoes.

DIY wedding: DIY weddings are a great way to show people who you are as a couple. Put your own stamp on your wedding and also keep the cost down on what can be a very expensive day.

DIY tradition for the day could take many forms. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Something Old: use some old dresses and clothes to make bunting for the venue.

You could also use old shoes that you have jazzed up for the wedding.

Something New: Anything you create could be classed as "New" which is very handy. Creating the favours for your guests and one for yourself could be a good way to tick this off.

Something borrowed: You could borrow a necklace from your mum, nan or friend or something that can go in your hand made boutique bouquet.

Something Blue: stitch some blue fabric into the inside of your dress or thread some blue ribbon in your hair.

Big Bold blooms

Go Big or go home. Big is back and more beautiful than ever! Big flowers, big dress, big table displays, basically everything is big!!! So, lets bring tradition back in a BIG way.

Something Old: How about big shoulder pads from your relatives from the 80's. Things don't get much bigger than that.

Something New: big flowing dress would look amazing with an equally big bunch of blooms in your hand.

Something borrowed: You could use a statement head band, the bigger the better. Or borrow a small one and add embellishments to it.

Something Blue: A big blue hydrangea to really make your bouquet boom. Or a big blue hand bag to use for the evening (big enough for your flip flops to fit in for your dancing feet).

What ever the theme is for the day and if you want to stick to tradition or not, just remember be your self, stand out from other couples and Be your self.

If you need any help let be more flamingo bring your wedding dreams to reality.

Be More Flamingo

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